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Final Thesis

In the final thesis you will work independently on a topic of your own choice, preferably from an area of subject-specific studies. However, you can also choose a reflection on your own course of study or the deepening work on questions that arose during your studies or the internship.

With your final thesis, you demonstrate that you are able to work independently on your chosen question on a scientific basis within a certain period of time. In doing so, you will develop a research question and critically present the existing literature on the topic and assess its relevance to the research question. For the treatment of the topic you use scientific methods adequately and substantiated.

The structure of the final thesis should be roughly based on the following points:

  • Introduction - Problem fomulation/problem outline
  • State of research
  • Research question
  • Method
  • Conclusion/Outlook

The final thesis usually has a length of 20 to 30 pages, as a preliminary work the preparation of an exposé is useful. The preparation of the exposé and the thesis will be intensively prepared, supported and reflected in the colloquium.