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The LSF (german abbr. for Teaching-Studies-Science) is the electronic course catalog of the TU Dortmund University. Here you must register online for lectures and seminars within certain deadlines. You can register using your UniAccount and the corresponding password. If you were not able to register in time, you may contact the lecturers by e-mail and ask for subsequent registration. All courses have a unique course number in the LSF, which can be used to find them. This course number is also indicated in the VaV of the continuing education programme.

In the LSF, you can also search for courses according to various criteria and get information about them. It is also possible to create your personal timetable.



The Moodle learning platform is the central, digital and internet-based working environment at TU Dortmund University. Based on online classrooms, Moodle provides a variety of options for using learning material or cooperating with others. For example, lecturers make course materials available to students in Moodle.

As a rule, Moodle workspaces are already synchronised with the LSF, i.e. you have automatic access. If this is not the case, you can also search for courses in the system. If necessary, ask the respective lecturer to add you.

The Moodle learning platform is also used in the colloquium of your study group, here you are introduced to Moodle and get assistance on how to use it.

General information and access to Moodle can be found here:


The IT & Media Centre (ITMC) is the internal service provider for IT systems at TU Dortmund University. Its task is to provide a modern and efficient IT infrastructure.

If you have problems, e.g. with your UniAccount, the ITMC Service Desk will help you: