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The Internship (Module 5) is scheduled between the 2nd and 3rd semester. The module is completed with an internship report.

Internship (Module 5)

With the internship, you gain experience in a practical area of civic engagement of your own choice and constructively combine this experience with your studies.

On the one hand, the knowledge and skills acquired in the course of study can be used for the practical work and be tried out there. On the other hand, the requirements of practical work should also influence your further study content and thus enable targeted preparation for civic engagement.

You choose the institution where you like to do your internship independently according to your interests - you will find support in the colloquium (Module 1).

The internship does not necessarily have to be completed in an institution. Self-help groups, individual help, neighbourhood houses, etc. are also possible.

The time spent on the internship should correspond to the time spent on the study program. In total, the internship should comprise at least 40 hours, i.e. a total of two weeks with about 20 hours each. However, the actual amount of time and the division is up to you; you should make a sensible division in consultation with your internship institution.

If you are already working in practice, you can also declare a period of time within this activity that meets the time requirements listed above as an internship and write an internship report about this period.

The internship should be formally certified by the institution you do your internship with.If this is not possible, the internship can be recognised upon application based on the submission of the internship report.

A written internship report of about 5 to 10 pages is expected. It will not be graded, but you should show with your report that you are able to apply the scientific working methods you have learned so far in your program and to make a transfer between the theoretical foundations of civic engagement and practical activities.

You will usually receive comprehensive feedback on the internship report, so that it is also a good preparation for your final paper.

The internship is presented in the colloquium in a short presentation (approx. 10 min) as individual work, in addition a handout is prepared.

The presentation should include the following points:

  • Presentation of the Institution
  • Field of Activity of the Institution
  • Own field of Activity
  • Critical Reflection
  • For whom would this institution and this field of activity be suitable as a civic engagement?