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Before starting the Study Program

Attending the study program for seniors is usually a very invigorating and interesting time. It offers the chance to find new perspectives and possible fields of activity for oneself in retirement. However, it can at times also be demanding, as it requires regular time commitment and self-organization despite the assistance provided during the study period. Talking to friends, partners, or relatives before you start your studies can help to find a good balance between the demands of your studies and your obligations in other areas of life.

The educational goal of the Study Program for Seniors rests on three pillars:

On the personal level, it is about fulfilling educational desires, maintaining and expanding one's own learning abilities, and providing important impulses for the self-determined shaping of your own ageing.
The second pillar is the preparation for civic engagement. Here, the study program offers the opportunity for targeted competence development for a meaningful and socially relevant activity in retirement.
The third pillar of the study program includes the motivating exchange with like-minded people, the opportunities for networking and making friends, but also the chances of intergenerational learning in courses together with younger students.

If you identify with these qualification goals, the Study Program for Seniors is the right choice for you!

If you are still uncertain in your decision-making process, need further information, or would like to obtain experiences from former students, the Service and Counselling Team will be happy to help you:

Service and Counselling Team