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Objectives and further Development

Data on the demographic change highlight that we are living in an ageing society, especially since the "baby boomers" are now retiring. The social and economic tasks of the future will therefore have to be performed by an aged population.

This situation could be estimated as negative, but it could also be seen as an opportunity for a positive development of society. But to gain this, the potentials of ageing and of older people, their competences, and their experience-based knowledge must be recognized and made better use of in the future. At the same time, the desire of older people to give something back to society and to do something meaningful in old age should be supported.

Today, knowledge is one of the most important productive factors of our society and lifelong learning is an essential precondition for individual well-being and social participation in old age. Lifelong learning is the wish of more and more ageing and old people, they want to accomplish by further education.

These are the aspects, the study program for seniors is built on. So, it offers structures for a qualified, lifelong learning and educational opportunities for middle and later life phases. Besides, the program empowers its students and imparts important key competences for civic engagement. With this it helps to cope with the societal demands of the future.

To continue offering a qualified range of courses, the scientific basics of education in old age in general and especially at university level will be expanded. For this, the study program for seniors at TU Dortmund University will continue to expand its national and international networking.