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The Study Program has six modules in total:

The colloquium is a weekly compulsory course you attend every semester of the program. Contents of the colloquium are:

- introduction to scientific work

- support for the group finding and development process

- help to set individual goals for civic engagement

- introduction to theoretical and practical aspects of civic engagement

- supervision and evaluation of the 4-week-internship in civic engagement

- guidance for and supervision of the final paper

The courses in this module are a practice-oriented preparation for civic engagement by teaching key qualifications. Possible contents are:

- advising and counseling

- communication and conversation

- conflict management

- moderation and presentation

- project work

- work in and with groups

- building networks

Goal of this module is the in-depth study of one certain subject (or only a few selected subjects) that is important for your personal current life situation and further plans for your life and/or offers relevant topics for your intended civic engagement.

You can choose from these subjects:

- Social gerontology

- Sociology

- Education

- Psychology

- Philosophy

- Protestant and Catholic Theology

- Rehabilitation science

In this module, you should expand the subject(s) studied in concentrated form in Module 3. You should look into a broad spectrum of different areas of knowledge and interest. Try out subjects that you known little about so far. The courses can be freely selected from the "Catalog of Selected Courses"

On the one hand, with the internship, the theoretical knowledge and skills gained during your studies can be used for practical work in civic engagement and be tried out.

On the other hand, the practical requirements experienced in the internship can influence the choice of your further study contents and thus strengthen the targeted preparation for a civic engagement.

The 2-week-internship should be done between the 2nd and 3rd semester. Afterwards, you write a report about your experiences with the internship.

For the final paper you work independently on a topic of your own choice, preferably from an area of subject-specific studies.

As well, you can choose for your final paper a reflection on your own course of study or you work on other questions that arose during your studies or internship.