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Special activities

A number of activities within and outside the university originate from the senior’s study program. Interested parties are always welcome:

Service- and Counselling Team

The Service and Counselling Team is a volunteer group of about 15 active and former students of the study program for Seniors at TU Dortmund University who now work as student counsellors.

Contact:  [Service- und Beratungs-Team]

Writing Workshop

Under the leadership of former senior student Julia Trostheim, the participants choose topics (biographical, but also topics of general interest) on which they write their own texts. The group has already published several books with their own texts and organized public readings.


Julia Trostheim

Tel.: (0231) 9698 6940

E-mail: pfingstrose1951gmxde

Mentoring program

For international students, studying in Germany also means settling into an often new and foreign culture. To make this "arrival" easier for the students, committed senior students set up the mentoring program in 2008.

The mentoring program is a cooperation project between TU Dortmund University and FH Dortmund University of Applied Sciences with senior students and international students. One senior student can be mentor to one or more students. Besides weekly group sessions, there are as well individual activities outside the group.


Reinhard Schmidt

Tel: 0178 20 99 411

Email: patenschaftsprogrammgmxde

Selbstbestimmtes Altern e.V.

The association “Selbstbestimmtes Altern e.V.” (Self-determined ageing) is committed to the interests of the participants of the study program for seniors at TU Dortmund University. It maintains contact with the Service and Counselling Team at TU Dortmund University. The non-profit association was founded in 1990 and has currently about 60 members.


Verein Selbstbestimmtes Altern

c/o Julia Trostheim

Tel.: (0231) 9698 6940

E-mail: pfingstrose1951gmxde


German network of senior students' interest groups

DENISS e.V. is a federation of associations of senior -students to promote educational programs for Seniors at German universities and colleges, organized as a non-profit association. DENISS e.V. has set itself the task of preserving the diversity of forms and individual implementation of educational programs for senior citizens.

DENISS e.V. serves the further education of its members, e.g. by organizing workshops and information events, planning and holding conferences on the development of educational programs for seniors. As well, the interests of senior students are represented to politics and the public.


Norbert Schmitt



Students' cooperation between TU Dortmund and TU Berlin

Since 2018 a group of senior students from TU Dortmund University cooperates with senior students from TU Berlin to work on scientific topics.

The current focus is on "Structural Change in the Ruhr Area and Berlin".

During mutual, alternating visits the chosen topics are presented, discussed and, if necessary, further deepened by the visiting TU groups. An expansion of the cooperation to other senior students and their universities is conceivable.